Why should I bring my equipment?

Electrical and electronic equipment contain a complex mix of materials, components and substances. Some of them are harmful to human health and the environment. While they pose no danger during normal usage of the equipment, they may become hazardous when the equipment is opened or dismantled for disposal.

CRTs, for example, may contain lead, which can be toxic to the nervous and reproductive systems of humans and animals.

Batteries may contain potentially hazardous materials, such as cadmium, that could seriously damage both the environment and human health.

If we send our e-waste to landfills or allow them to be dismantled by non-professional dismantlers, we risk letting these toxic substances and materials leak into the soil. This could have a negative impact on the local environment and human life.

What’s more, recycling reduces our dependence on dwindling natural resources. The metals, plastics and glass found in the appliances can be reused if recovered properly by recycling them.

As a result, bringing your equipment to us helps our participating producers reuse materials for new appliances and preserve natural resources.

Working together is the only way to ensure a safe and sound recycling process while protecting our health and the beautiful environment in Vietnam.


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