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22 April 2015

Vietnam Recycles offers free e-waste collection for citizens

Vietnam Recycles played host to a booth at the 8th Waste Recycling Day which was held by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) in Labor Culture Palace, District 1 on 19 April 2015. 

In the lead up to the official event, Vietnam Recycles – the free take-back program for used or defective electronic equipment funded by Apple and HP - had also collaborated with the DONRE and the HCMC People’s Committees to establish collection points for receiving end-of-life consumer electrical and electronic from individuals and households during the Recycling Week from 13 to 17 April 2015. Collection containers have been installed by Vietnam Recycles on 15 designated collection points while DONRE operates a further 85 sites.

The annual Waste Recycling Day is one of the most important communication activities in Ho Chi Minh City to enhance public awareness and encourage people to adopt what is known in Vietnamese as the 3Ts (Tiết giảm, Tái sử dụng và Tái chế) or in English as the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), especially for hazardous waste.  Leveraging this great initiative, Vietnam Recycles also aim call for the participation of the public in building a greener environment for Vietnam through conducting safe and sound e-waste recycling practices.

“Visitors at Waste Recycling Day were able to take advantage of the opportunity to dispose of unwanted electrical items on the spot,” said Ms. Nadine Rühle-Niestroy - Executive Vice President Recycling Returns at at VRP’s General Contractor Reverse Logistics Group “The collected equipment will be sorted according to product categories and dismantled in a designated process to assure maximum material recovery of the different commodities.”

Further, Vietnam Recycles plans to keep the established collection points from the Recycling Week for future collection and to expand the list of possible collection points throughout HCMC. Possible other collection points can be schools, governmental institutions, shopping malls. Future plans see collection points opening in Hanoi and later throughout the whole country.

“Vietnam Recycles is guided by an idea that manufacturers, consumers and governments have a shared responsibility for treating end-of-life electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. Ultimately we are here to give every user of electronic equipment the chance to participate in the program and thus live up to their share of responsibility to protect Vietnam’s environment and human’s health like we as manufacturers do in funding this program” said Ms. Monina de Vera-Jacob - South East Asia (SEA) Environmental Manager at Hewlett-Packard PPS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. “Therefore, we hope everyone will actively participate in the program.”

People looking to dispose of items including household, personal or industrial electrical or electronic items along the terms and conditions of the program can come to designated collection points that are listed on the program website at www.vietnamrecycles.com / www.vietnamtaiche.com.vn. Institutions or companies that are interested to become the program’s collection points can also apply for registration via the website. 


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